Paper Maps Online - National Forest Maps

This online resource provides maps for both National Forest and Wilderness areas.  We try to use the latest National Forest maps available.  Some have shaded relief and are printed on weatherproof plastic, while others are of lesser quality and are printed on paper.  The Wilderness area maps are generally of higher detail and have topographical lines to aid in navigation.  Many of these maps exceed 20 square feet of paper/plastic.  The size of these maps is a double-edged sword in that they provide an unparalleled level of detail at the cost of being ginormous.

Paper Maps Online is the only online source for the BEST maps you can find for planning to do any portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Our goal is to provide a convenient way to plan your future activities with the comfort and ease of an intuitive computer interface.  Just click, drag and scroll: no need to refold it when you are done.

All of our imagery has been processed and formatted for enhanced online viewing so you don’t have to deal with these unwieldy maps.  We are working on tagging areas of interest and making all the text on the maps searchable.