Arizona National Forest Maps

Arizona is home to some of the most famous natural spectacles in the country.  The Red Rocks of Sedona and the Grand Canyon are great examples of the forces of nature at work.  Surrounding these areas are a unique set of National Forests that utilize their higher elevations to provide a stark contrast to the low-lying, sun-baked deserts Arizona is also famous for.

From Humphrey’s Peak (highest point in the state – 12,643 ft) in the Flagstaff’s backyard, to the Bradshaw backcountry, Arizona has plenty of outdoor opportunities within striking distance from its urban centers.

Most of Arizona’s National Forest areas are easily accessible year round with the exception of the highest peaks and North Rim of the Grand Canyon (Kaibab National Forest).  Much of the land borders Native American land so take that into consideration when planning your activities.  Much of that land is closed to the general pubic.  Be sure the check the maps carefully as your planned route might traverse off-limits land.  A plus side of all the Native American heritage is a wealth of historical sites throughout the state, many very close to, or within, the National Forest borders that are accessible.

National Forests maps included on this site:  Coconino National Forest, Prescott National Forest, Kaibab National Forest