How to use the search function...

The search function on this page is different than most.  In order to find the locations you are trying to find it has a relevance number associated with each search.

For each time a word is found in a particular item the count is incremented, 1001 would mean that your search term was found once in an item. 1050, would mean that you search term was found 50 times in an item.

If you were searching for multiple search terms the only difference in the process is how the relevance number is built. If you searched for two terms, and both terms were found one time in an item, the relevance number would be 2002. If the two search terms were found a total of 3 times (once for term 1, and twice for term 2) the relevance would be 2003. The key information here is this.

For the first number (X) in Relevance (X000), X is the number of search terms found in a particular item, if you searched for 3 terms, and all three terms were found, X would be 3.