The TT4software iOS apps allow you to take all the great maps from PaperMapsOnline with you on the road.

Key Features:
  • Offline Operation - no internet connection needed.
  • GPS - Know where you are on the map.
  • Convenient - Planning your next trip is easy when maps are always available.
  • Accurate - Our GPS interpolation uses 9 map tie points for increased accuracy.
  • Bandwidth Efficient - The map files only get downloaded once.
  • Highest Resolution - Some of our maps exceed 50 MegaPixels worth of data.
  • Cheap - These maps in paper from cost $12-17 each.
  • Trailheads and Campgrounds - The Legend pages have the dates of operation, location and elevation of all Forest Service maintained trailheads and campgrounds.
  • Switchable - It is easy to bring up information in the Legend tab and compare it to something on the map.
  • Download Issues - maps only need to be downloaded once.  If the download fails, close the app and restart it to reinitialize the download.
  • Info Page - The Info page has links and addresses for the main ranger stations where most permit issuance occurs. We try to keep as much of the useful address information in the app for offline use.
  • GPS Function - If you are not currently in, or near, and area served by the map, the GPS point will not show up.

Tuolumne Meadows  Mt Whitney

Mono Lake  Inyo North