Southern Oregon PCT






Segment 4

5900 ft

6100 ft

7600 ft

5000 ft

Segment 3

6000 ft

6700 ft

7300 ft

5500 ft

Segment 2

4300 ft

6400 ft

6400 ft

4100 ft

Segment 1

1300 ft

5300 ft

7100 ft

1300 ft


Segment 4 (62 mi)
HWY 138 at Crater Lake NP Boundary
Trail 1456 to Mt Thielsen
Thielsen Creek
Cascade Crest
Maidu Lake Trail
Tolo Mtn
Windigo Pass
Cowhorn Mountain
Summit Lake
Trail 3622 to Diamond Rockpile
Trail 3683 to Divide Lake
Hidden Lake
HWY 58 at Willamette Pass

Segment 3 (60 mi)
Fly Lake
Trail 3717 at Luther Mountain
Devils Peak
Honeymoon Creek
Trail 3703 at Sevenmile Marsh
Crater Lake NP Boundary
HWY 62
Dutton Creek
Lightning Spring Trail
Red Cone Spring Campground
Crater Lake North Entrance Rd
HWY 138 at Crater Lake NP Boundary

Segment 2 (69 mi)
Pilot Rock
Little Pilot Peak
HWY 66 at Keene Creek Reservoir
Hyatt Reservoir at East Hyatt Lake Rd
Sugar Pine Campground
Griffin Pass
FS Route 722
Brown Mountain Trail
HWY 140
Mt McLoughlin Trail
Trail 993 to Fourmile Lake
Christis Spring
Red Lake Trail
Fly Lake

Segment 1 (68 mi)
Seiad Valley Trailhead
Lower Devils Peak
Bee Camp
Cook and Green Pass Trailhead
Copper Butte
Alex Hole
Wards Fork Gap
CA-OR Border
Jackson Gap Trailhead
Wrangle Gap Trailhead
Siskiyou Gap Trailhead
Siskiyou Peak
Mt Ashland