Angeles National Forest - Southern California

The Angeles National Forest stretches from Interstate 5 to Interstate 15 in the mountains towering above the eastern Los Angeles County basin.  With numerous peaks over 10,000 ft, there is snow for much of the year.  Compared to other local National Forests access here is lot more limited than the others.  The mountainous nature prevents there from being much in the way of developed roads.  Trails from the perimeter and limited access roads are the main means of access here.

The areas reservoirs seem to be the area’s main recreational jumping off points.  Little Rock, San Gabriel and Big Tujunga Reservoirs are the main ones, all of which have numerous trailheads from the main parking areas.

The Angeles and its higher elevations are host to a number of ski areas.  Mt Baldy and Mountain High ski areas are in the eastern part of the National Forest where the highest peaks are located.  The recently reopened Mt Waterman is closer to the Pasadena area on Route 2, a highway which has had its fair share of disaster in recent years due to snow melt erosion, wild fire, and mudslides.  Portions of it have been closed for many of the last few years.  When it is open, it is one of the most fun motorcycle/driving roads in California and is patrolled accordingly by the CHP.

The Bridge to Nowhere is one of the most popular and interesting adventures in the Angeles Crest area.  A bridge that is all that is left from a roadway that was started but never finished due to extensive flooding damage.  The bridge itself remains standing in very wild surroundings and is a popular destination for hikers and campers.  Bungee jumpers are also often sited taking their chances with a couple hundred foot plummet towards the creek below.


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